Aircraft Support

AngelOne helps organizations acquire aircraft to support their goals along with the assistance to ensure its longevity and safety. Our consultation team provides advice throughout purchasing an airplane, equipping it for specific field locations, training pilots and implementing a sustainable maintenance and safety program.

Mission Preparation

Our experienced team evaluates each project in the field and provides expertise on locations and resources for the most effective impact. We also believe in building strong mission teams. We provide tried and true resources and years of combined eld experience to strengthen your team and ensure successful missions. This service includes providing resources for the application process, compatibility testing, dynamic training, and advice to form and maintain healthy teams and strong, Christ-centered relationships.

Mission Preparation

Thriving Teams

Measurable physical and spiritual impacts for team success.

Stewardship Resources

As much as mission organizations’ actions make an impact, donations and project accounting are essential for their ongoing success. AngelOne enables proper stewardship of funding from donors with our nancial and management tools.

Stewardship Resources

Building Awareness

Building awareness of your organization will, in turn, help it grow, whether it is engaging with potential team members or bringing in new donors to support your mission. With AngelOne’s resources on media, recruiting and attending events, you can expand on your organization and what you can accomplish.

At the core of AngelOne is an uncompromising belief in the impact aviation has on missions. We have learned through years of experience that a strong team,
transparent fundraising and long-term and safety-focused aviation programs are the best means to fulfill the Great Commission in remote areas of the world.

Connect with us today to find out how AngelOne can help build and grow organizations with aviation, team and management resources.