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August '23 Newsletter

ELEVATE 2023 - We are pleased to announce the success of our first annual Elevate Adventist Mission Aviation Fly-In! Hosted by Oklahoma Academy, attendees stayed in the dormitories or camped next to the beautiful pond and enjoyed lovely meals including a delicious "Impossible" cookout. Attendees particularly enjoyed...

  • The spiritual focus and opportunity for faith renewal

  • Mission stories... evidence of God's faithful providence

  • Presenters' vulnerable transparency

  • Mentoring by mature, experienced missionaries

  • Hope inspired by so many young aviators preparing to serve

  • A local home-built airplane being prepared for service in Niger

  • Brendon Peterson offering helicopter flights to attendees

Aviation Missionaries! If you are interested in attending next year’s event, click here for updates:


ASI CONVENTION 2023 - We were excited to attend the annual ASI International Convention in Kansas City, MO, August 2 - 5. What better way to feature our helicopter fundraiser than to have an ACTUAL HELICOPTER in our booth? We were also very blessed to have many missionaries attend as well, creating a wonderful opportunity for connecting, supporting, and uplifting each other. Be sure to visit our website to see all of our supported mission teams from all around the world.



Fundraising Goal: $340,000

To Be Matched 1:1

Amount Raised: $193,788


PRAY BOLD PRAYERS - Wings Over Alaska is an aviation ministry dedicated to support the gospel reach to the far corners of remote Alaska. Their mission is to bring the hope found in Jesus one flight, one person, one village at a time.

Founded by Pastor Tobin and Virlyn Dodge, Wings Over Alaska is currently taking a huge step of faith forward in the purchase of a hanger in Big Lake, Alaska to serve as a base for operations.

We encourage you to follow along with their journey and pray for God’s love to be poured out in Alaska, and may His Holy Spirit lead and guide in this very special ministry!



Looking Ahead

As we stand at the intersection of technology and compassion, the future of mission aviation holds exciting possibilities. With advancements in aviation technology and communication, the reach and impact of these missions will undoubtedly expand.

The history of mission aviation is a testament to the incredible achievements that can be accomplished when human ingenuity, compassion, and the power of flight come together. Let's continue to celebrate the unsung heroes who soar through the skies to bring hope and change to the far corners of our world.

Thank you for being part of our journey and for your continued support as we reach new horizons and touch countless lives.

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